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Guiding Others to Become the Highest and Best Expression of Themselves

Sophia Da Silva

Increasing awareness of what we're doing,
when we're doing it

Our facilitators hold the ultimate aim of helping us experience more freedom, peace, connection and truth.

Brett Timmons Yoga.jpg

Brett Timmons

Ryan Glidden Yoga San Diego.png

Attention, intention, action—not the other way around.

-Ryan Glidden

Teachers of word and action

They remind us of what's important and how to practice presence, awareness, heartfulness and mindfulness when we lose our way.


Katie Nava

Amber Graves.png

Amber Graves

We are safe to explore.
We are inspired to expand.
Choice is divine.

It’s a daily practice to return to
again, and again, and again.
-Jamie Inn

Jamie Inn Yoga San Diego.png

Yoga is an inside job.

-Julie Quinn

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