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Light of Leadership

Embark on a transformative journey towards leadership excellence

About the Training: At the heart of Sophia Da Silva's work lies the Light of Leadership training, a distinctive program developed by one of her mentors. This training is a profound exploration of leader development, delving into identity, character, and moral and ethical growth. Central to its essence is the powerful experience of "knowing thyself." Over the years, this training has emerged as a remarkable companion to yoga—a practice that inherently aims to inspire self-awareness.

Why Light of Leadership? A decade ago, Sophia was inspired to intertwine yoga, an art, philosophy, science, and practice, with leadership development. The result? A synergy that leads to greater self-awareness, fostering actions congruent with a newfound sense of awareness. The outcome is leaders who embody a deeper understanding of themselves, radiating clarity, transparency, and harmony in their endeavors.

Key Highlights:

  • Self-Discovery: Uncover the layers of your identity, fostering a profound connection with your authentic self.

  • Yoga Integration: Explore how classical yoga principles complement and enhance leadership development.

  • Clarity and Harmony: Achieve a deeper sense of who you are, leading to clarity, transparency, and harmony in your leadership.

Transformative Training for Small Groups: Create a cohesive bond and foster a stronger connection within your team by engaging in this training experience together. Each participant will have personalized attention, ensuring all team members receives focused guidance.

Why Invest in Light of Leadership for You or Your Team?

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Develop essential leadership qualities, including identity, character, and ethical growth.

  • Improved Team Dynamics: Strengthen team collaboration and communication for a more harmonious and effective working environment.

  • Increased Productivity: Equip your team with the tools to navigate challenges, promoting efficiency and productivity.

Training Details:

  • Duration: 16 Hours

  • Inclusions: Yoga sessions inclusive of breath practices, meditations, and reflections.



  • Cost: $800 per participant.

  • Negotiations: Considered for small groups.


Join us on a journey that goes beyond traditional leadership training. Discover how Light on Leadership, in harmony with yoga principles, can elevate your self-awareness, aligning your actions with authenticity.

Empower your leadership journey, radiate authenticity, and lead with clarity and harmony.

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